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Miss Piggy: Gaga rocks the red carpet

Miss Piggy thinks Lady Gaga always gets it right on the red carpet.

The Muppets star is famed for her ever-glamorous aesthetic and diva-like personality. Miss Piggy is a fan of Gaga's eccentric wardrobe and thinks she's the only star to rival her in the style stakes.

"Moi. And Lady Gaga. In that order," she revealed, when asked who always looks fabulous on the red carpet.

Gaga previously donned a JC de Castelbajac piece made out of hanging Kermit the Frogs. Miss Piggy thinks it "cool" that the star chose her partner to adorn her décolletage but insists her opinion would be very different if the outfit wasn't artificial.

"Absolutely [it's cool], as long as it is made from faux Kermits. If she used the real Kermie, then that wouldn't be the only thing hanging around her neck," she deadpanned in an interview with Style magazine.

"In any case, since then, moi and Lady Gaga have become dear friends."

Miss Piggy likes looking to other fashionistas for inspiration. The glamorous star has revealed her celebrity adviser.

"Moi is more of a mentor than a mentee. Well, I've learnt something from all the legends - Elton John, Julie Andrews, Victoria Beckham," she explained.

Miss Piggy has revealed a typical day in her life. The star likes to pamper herself and make sure she's always looking camera-ready.

"I wake up at the crack of dawn, realise it's far too early to get up, then go back to bed and sleep until mid-morning. Then first thing, I meet with my personal trainer. Not only is he a gorgeous hunk, but he does the workout for me," she revealed.

"Hey, if I'm paying, then he's sweating, not moi. After a relaxing massage and a healthy brunch, my diva-certified crew of stylists, hairdressers, make-up artists and sycophants arrives to prepare me for the day.

"When they're done, I know it's safe to look in the mirror."

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