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Miss Piggy's diva demands

Miss Piggy left a lasting diva reputation on Giles Deacon.

The fashion designer prides himself on staying professional, even when dealing with the most demanding of stars. He has worked with the likes of Kerry Washington and Kylie Minogue in the past, with most of his consultations going famously.

However, dressing Miss Piggy for a premiere last year was something else.

“Miss Piggy. She’s trouble that one – always throwing strops,” he told Now magazine.

There are a number of stars the designer would love to style in the future. On the whole he is a fan of old-Hollywood glamour and cites Marilyn Monroe as his dream front row star.

Despite his troubled work with Muppets star Miss Piggy, Giles wouldn’t rule out designing something for other women with fearsome reputations.

“Oh my God that list would be far too long! We’d need about ten shows to get them on!” he laughed, when asked about his dream front row guests. “It would be gorgeous to have Grace Jones just to get her to sit down for long enough. Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth would be pretty super, and I’d love to have Issy Blow back.

“Lauren Bacall would be pretty phenomenal. I think you’d be told what you dress her in and you wouldn’t dare do otherwise.”

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