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Moby has hearty vegan plans

Moby went all out to ensure his hip Los Angeles eatery was not "off-putting" to the average diner.

Electronic musician Moby has grand plans for his new vegan restaurant, so has worked hard to ensure nothing is off-putting to diners.

The 50-year-old musician excluded meat, dairy and fish from his diet 28 years ago and he is also an ardent supporter of animal rights.

Moby's passion for veganism prompted him to open his new eatery Little Pine in the trendy Silver Lake area of Los Angeles, a venue that will serve its first diners a week before America's Thanksgiving holiday on 26 November (15).

“That’s the goal: to both really serve and be an extension of the neighbourhood, a breathing, living, organic neighbourhood," he told WWD of the atmosphere he is attempting to create at Little Pine.

The restaurant will serve hearty dishes free of animal byproducts for reasonable prices, with the most expensive item on the menu coming in at $14. Head chef Kristyne Starling has created a delicious and fresh menu with offerings such as meatballs with polenta, a salad of cucumber, fennel, apple, dill and borage flowers and wild mushroom crepes.

Moby is also an investor in upscale vegan restaurant Crossroads Kitchen, whose dishes sell for considerably higher than the $5 cup of soup or $4 slice of maple-glazed cinnamon walnut shortcake Little Pine offers to customers. He purposefully made dishes cheaper at Little Pine so the vegan food wasn't "off-putting" to potential diners.

Moby has also enlisted chef Kristyne to create a tomato and seitan cassoulet and other hearty foods that remind people of their best loved childhood dishes.

“When I was growing up, my favourite thing to eat was giant shells stuffed with ricotta,” he smiled.

Little Pine's ambience is equally as impressive as the menu, as Moby played with a futuristic farmer's market feel with the surrounding decor.

“Now it looks like an Art Deco spaceship," he said of the dining area which features white modern walls, plywood, plaid fabric and pleather.

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