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Monica Bellucci relished mature Bond role

Spectre actress Monica Bellucci was thrilled to play a more mature Bond girl with “imperfections”.

Actress Monica Bellucci finds it “wonderful” that she looks like a 50-year-old woman in the new Bond film.

The 51-year-old Italian star plays Lucia Sciarra, the widow of an assassin in the latest 007 movie Spectre. Monica was slightly hesitant about the role, as traditionally Bond girls are usually younger than she is. However, director Sam Mendes insisted from the start that he needed a woman with more life experience to play the role of Lucia.

“When I first met Sam Mendes, I was a bit confused and said to him, ‘I’m 50 years old. What am I going to do at 50 in a Bond film?’” Monica recalled during an interview with Britain’s Hello! magazine. “Sam explained that they actually wanted a mature woman on the screen, so she didn’t have to look 40 or 35, she actually had to look like she was 50. I thought it was wonderful.”

Monica threw herself into the role of Lucia, and thoroughly enjoyed getting to grips with the seductive character. She loved playing someone with depth and is pleased to have given an new edge to the role of a Bond girl.

“Lucia is a woman who has the imperfections that real women have,” Monica explained. “And although we can see that she’s 50, her femininity is still there and she has great sensuality. This is the first time James Bond has held a woman who is older than him in his arms and that means it’s a very modern concept. It proves that femininity is still there even though a woman becomes older.

“Times are changing for older women. It used to be that we only looked at women while they could still procreate and when they can’t any more, they become out of this society.

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