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Moore thanks mom

Julianne Moore puts her youthful features down to her mother keeping her out of the sun when she was younger.

The American actress is known for her youthful, wrinkle-free features. Over the years she has modelled for several beauty giants, including L'Oreal, alongside much younger women than herself.

The 52-year-old star puts her fresh appearance down to her mom ensuring she and her siblings were protected during the hot weather.

"I honestly think, I swear to God, my mother kept us out of the sun when we were kids because we were all so fair, and it's made a huge, huge, difference, I really do. I think it's interesting, so much of who we are is genetic and I think it's so tough," she told website "We say, 'Oh you have to be this way, and you have to be that way,' and these are all the things that, we kind of are what we are. You can take care of yourself and eat well and stay out of the sun, and take vitamins, go to the doctor, all of those things. All of those things are good, and I think above and beyond that, there is health. I think health is the most important thing."

Julianne is seen bare-faced for her role in upcoming film Carrie. She felt comfortable not wearing any make-up and remembers how she shocked her co-star Chloë Grace Moretz's mother when dressed up one day.

"I knew what I looked like, it didn't bother me. But, what was funny was Chloë's mom, who is lovely, but she had only really ever seen me like that," she recalled. "So I forget, one day, I had to come to the set for something and I am looking normal, and she went, 'Oh my goodness! You look so pretty!' I started to laugh and I was like, 'Good, okay.'"

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