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Naomi Watts had ever-changing film costumes

Naomi Watts goes from "flirtatious" to "businesslike" in new movie J. Edgar, says costume designer Deborah Hopper.

The stunning actress plays Helen Gandy, the secretary of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in the new biopic. Deborah used Naomi's costumes to show the different stages of Helen's life and help her to develop the character.

"In the '20s, when she first meets Hoover, we gave her a bit of a flirtatious, feminine look, using a bit of lace," she explained. "As the years went on, she became a bit more businesslike, and by the time we got to the '60s, it was all suits."

Deborah sought real period clothing from costume houses in Los Angeles to make Naomi's film wardrobe look authentic.

The costume team then worked with modern materials, and distressed them to match the original pieces.

"We didn't want to make them look used, per se," she revealed. "We just softened them so they looked like the character had worn them for a while."

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