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Nas: People pay for my style

Nas has launched a watch website offering just one piece every day.

The American rapper has been a part of the hip-hop scene since the early 90s and always looks the part in sunglasses and expensive jewellery.

He recently joined forces with private watch dealer Steven Brown to launch Ownly One, a website that has just one style of watch a day for sale. The classic watches, from brands such as Rolex and Cartier, are both used and dead stock and will be available in limited numbers.

“I feel like I'm a walking commercial, and when I wear a watch, the world sees it. I can't tell you how many times people bought certain watches I would wear and would tell me about it: ‘Yo, I got this 'cause I saw you with it,'” Nas told American GQ.

“And I'm drawn to the history of watches and the business of watches, automatically.”

Nas’ attitude to watches has never changed, and he still sees the timepieces as fun. His view has evolved though, and he also now thinks of watches with more respect.

The 41-year-old is a big Rolex fan and Ownly One are even giving a vintage one away. His love for classic pieces doesn’t mean he doesn’t lust after contemporary ones too, and Nas has his eye on a gold Apple Watch.

Teaming up with Steven Brown on their new venture was a natural choice for Nas, who’s proud that everything is legit.

“A lot of the jewellery dealers are ghetto-minded. And they can't remove themselves from operating from a ghetto business standpoint. And you have to know what you're asking for and what you're doing. I partnered with Steven because he's one of the largest watch dealers in the country and he has a large network to source out some of the most illest timepieces that exist. I have to work with experts, there's no ghetto business over here,” he stated.

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