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Natalie Dormer talks teeth test

Natalie Dormer doesn't want young people to "kill" themselves in order to look a certain way.

The Game of Thrones actress has a small part in Mockingjay - Part 1 and will also appear in the franchise's final instalment, which is due out next year.

She threw her all into the role, even shaving a section of her long blonde hair. In general, the 32-year-old is happy to put vanity aside to embrace a character.

"People go to the cinema for the escapism - they want to see pretty things and that's fine, but young girls and boys shouldn't be killing themselves trying to attain an aesthetic idol that is misrepresented in how realistic it is," Natalie told British magazine Stylist.

"It's just about the information being prevalent. It was very liberating for me to be in The Hunger Games running around in dirt and dust with little make-up on because it becomes about the journey you're trying to portray as opposed to, 'How good do my teeth look?'"

Natalie has a distinctive look, with a smile that curls up slightly more on one side. She's previously joked she knows this looks like a smug smirk, but luckily the star has learnt to love herself.

"You don't feel peer pressure in the same way of comparing yourself to other people anymore," she explained, while talking about ageing.

"You finally accept yourself. It's nice when it starts to happen to you. I was a late bloomer in finding my place in the world and in feeling comfortable with myself, but god, isn't it fantastic?"

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