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Neil Barrett: Wiz Khalifa works my clothes

Neil Barrett thinks the visibility of his clothes makes them favourable to celebrities.

The British designer held posts at Gucci and Prada before launching his namesake label in 1999.

Since then Neil's courted a vast celebrity following, with Brad Pitt and Justin Timberlake both loyal customers. Justin even wore pieces by Neil on his recent The 20/20 Experience World Tour. However when fellow musician Wiz rocked a few of his pieces, Neil was amazed.

"I was most surprised to see Wiz Khalifa, I must say. The way he wore the stuff was kind of funny and he works it. I'm happy with anybody who wears the clothes. I have respect for the artist," Neil smiled to the American edition of GQ magazine.

When quizzed on why he thinks Wiz likes the clothes, Neil had no hesitation in offering his opinion.

"Visibility. The visibility factor is really working. You know, whether it's the modernist sweaters that are a little bit more curvy, the ergonomic ones I did in the summer, lightning now, and then next summer my Roman camouflage situation is going to do very well," he said.

After Neil's successful stint at Prada, where he was instrumental in establishing menswear for the fashion house, he left with many A-list contacts. This led to one of his first famous customers.

"The first celebrity was Brad, because when I left Prada I had a close relationship with his agent and with him at that time. He was wearing my clothes for almost five years. He was wearing my first ever distressed leather jacket. He owns the first ever sample I ever managed to create. That was a problem for production. I had to borrow it and then give it back to him," he recalled.

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