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Nick Jonas: I'm not a beach poser

Nick Jonas doesn't like taking his shirt off at the beach.

The 22-year-old star won many female hearts last year thanks to his buffed up physique, which he happily showed off in photoshoots. In real life he isn't quite as outgoing though, insisting he's as modest as the next guy.

"I am pretty shy about taking my top off. When I go to the beach, I keep my shirt on for as long as possible. I'm not just ripping it off at every opportunity," he assured British magazine Heat.

Nick shot to fame as one third of boyband Jonas Brothers, alongside his siblings Kevin and Joe. As he is the youngest, his transformation into a bonafide hunk came as something of a surprise. He explained what it took to get his bulging biceps.

"I think it happened over the course of a year - training and building up muscle. Then I really went hard for about three months, where I put on about 12 - 15lbs. of muscle," he said, before detailing his current gym regime.

"Right now, it's not as much as I'd like it to be, because I've been so busy. But when I'm training, it's usually three or four times a week. And if I'm training for something like the show [martial arts series Kingdom], I'll be in the gym two or three times a day."

While Nick might be careful about flashing the flesh in public, privately he isn't so worried.

"Oh yeah! I love walking around naked. On days where I have nothing to do, I'll chill in just my boxers for a couple of hours, eating breakfast and watching TV," he laughed.

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