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Nicki Minaj 'annoyed' by beauty routine

Nicki Minaj finds her hair and make-up routine "annoying".

The rapper-and-singer is known for her outrageous clothes and bold style statements.

The American star has now revealed she finds getting ready - which she says takes "about an hour and a half" - tedious.

"I find every bit of [getting ready] annoying … I don't like sitting around. I like being busy," Nicki told People magazine.

"[But I love] when I go from zero to ten and everybody sees ten - even my stylists never know what I'm wearing. I'll say, 'Bring me a whole bunch of clothes,' and I'll go in and put stuff together… I don't love sitting there and getting make-up done. But afterwards it's like, 'Yay, we created a new doll today.'"

When it comes to her hair, the Super Bass singer has tried almost every colour available. Her constant style changes are a product of the star's restlessness when it comes to her look.

"I get tired of things quickly," she confessed. "I love change when it comes to my look… I need a new fix. It's like a high to me - every time I change my hair it's a high."

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