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Nicki Minaj goes back to beauty basics

Nicki Minaj had to go for a natural look because she was "low on ideas".

The rapper has wowed fans by sporting some crazy hair colours in the past, but has recently gone more subdued with a natural look. Nicki joked that part of the reason for her style transformation was that she'd tried every shade under the sun.

"Before my first album I used to have a natural look, only my underground followers knew that side of me. Mainstream only knew the wigs and stuff like that, but I wasn't always looking like that," she explained to "I always thought it would come full circle and then I thought: 'What can I do by the time the third album comes out?' Because what other colour wig can I put on my head? I was running low on ideas and people reacted really well to the natural look."

The 31-year-old star has also taken to the big screen with a part in The Other Woman, which also features Kate Upton, Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz. Nicki shows off some great outfits in the movie, but worries she looked "chunky" because she enjoyed so much good food in New York during filming.

The singer shared her top beauty tip with fans who like her new natural look.

"I stopped using as much powder," she revealed. "It's weird, because when people think you look like you're wearing a lot of make-up, they think it's foundation. But powder plays a part in making it look like you wear more than you actually do. Now I'm blotting as opposed to powdering and that's my beauty secret of the year."

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