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Nicki Minaj has superhero style

Nicki Minaj has likened herself to Superman in the way she transforms her clothing style. The pop star ditches her onstage wardrobe for more comfortable clothing on her days off. Nicki is also more relaxed with her beauty regime - opting for a more natural look rather than the high maintenance persona she puts on for performances.

"People imagine me constantly running around in high heels, even when I am at home. But it's not like that," Nicki explained. "I am always cold, so I put on layers of T-shirts, pants, trousers and socks and I wear nothing except for lip balm on my face. But as soon as I am set for a performance on stage I am like Clark Kent, who transforms into Superman."

In order to get ready for her stage shows and events, Nicki admits the transformation can be a lengthy process. As well as having numerous wardrobe choices available, the star is indecisive with her dressing.

"You don't want to know how much time I need to get ready. It takes forever," she confessed to German magazine InStyle. "On top of that, I make a lot of spontaneous choices. At the Video Music Awards for example, I suddenly decided to wear slippers instead of shoes."

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