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Nicki Minaj 'horrified by broken nail'

Nicki Minaj reportedly "refused to leave her car" after one of her carefully-painted nails broke ahead of an event this week.

The singer-and-rapper attended the launch of her MAC Viva Glam campaign on Wednesday at New York venue Stage 37.

According to a source, Nicki "wouldn't leave her car at first" after breaking a copper-coloured talon. The New York Post says the star "sent aides scrambling for Super Glue to fix it" before walking into the venue.

Aside from her nail malfunction, Nicki looked a picture in a pink and blue striped fitted ensemble for the candy-themed launch. She also made sure she stood out from the crowd with lashings of gold and pastel-coloured bangles, gold hoop earrings and an oversized ring to complete the show-stopping outfit.

The stunning star appears alongside singer Ricky Martin in the MAC campaign to promote HIV/AIDS awareness.

The iconic philanthropic cause has previously been fronted by the likes of Pamela Anderson and Lady Gaga.


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