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Nicki Minaj: I don't need make-up

Nicki Minaj doesn't mind going barefaced on her days off.

The rapper is actually called Onika Tanya Maraj, but is known by her stage name and her love of brightly coloured wigs and revealing clothing. She recently posted some bare-faced selfies online and admits that wiping off the slap feels good.

"It feels great. I feel like Onika," she told British magazine Company. "I don't wear make-up on my days off. Drinking water is the best answer [for bad skin]; and making sure you thoroughly clean your face before you sleep."

Despite her appreciation of going au natural, the 31-year-old star would find it tough to give up eyeliner. She also says her favourite beauty trick is to use concealer to accentuate her eyebrows. The products she has in her make-up bag include ones by MAC and Dove and she's partial to a set of false eyelashes.

It seems the star is always switching up her hair and she revealed why she prefers to stick to wigs.

"I didn't want to damage my real hair," she explained. "I like changing my look and I knew that it wouldn't work on natural hair. So I decided to do wigs."

As well as being very musical, Nicki has branched out into the beauty industry with her own perfume. Her fans are keen on the scent, as is the popstar herself.

"It's sultry, sexy, commanding, fierce and daunting," she listed. "I'm really addicted to it, I'm not kidding."

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