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Nicki Minaj: I layer my lashes

Nicki Minaj used to layer up three sets of fake eyelashes, but has toned it down to two now.

The singer is known for her eccentric looks and playing around with her hair colour and fashion choices.

While her locks might take the longest to style, it's fake lashes she's really addicted to.

"My hair is the most high -maintenance part of my beauty routine; I don't know many women who change theirs as often as I do!" she admitted to the latest edition of British Glamour magazine.

"One of the best beauty tips that I've had is that you can layer your false lashes - I used to wear three sets, but I'm down to two now."

Nicki is not afraid to flash her fabulous figure and is often posting pictures on Twitter of revealing bikini shoots.

The 30-year-old revealed her top tips for staying confident on the beach.

"The trick to feeling bikini confident is to realise that you're going to have flaws - all women do," she advised.

"A pair of heels helps though; it makes your legs look stronger, gives them muscle tone."

Nicki has made quite a name for herself in the style industry, collaborating on a clothing line for Kmart and introducing her Pink Friday perfume.

The singer loves to make a fashion statement and does this by splashing out on crazy headgear, such as the pink sailor hat she chose for her New York fragrance launch.

"I have an amazing collection of hats," she smiled.

"The little pink captain's hat really sets [the rest of the outfit] off."

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