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Nicki Minaj: Men love my scent

Nicki Minaj claims her male friends would wear her fragrance.

The singer recently released her debut scent Pink Friday which - with its pink design and sweet smell - appears to be aimed at women.

However, the 29-year-old insists the perfume is more unisex than it may first seem.

"Men can use it!" she assured Australian radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O.

"As you know, a lot of my fans happen to be gay so they don't have any issues with the fragrance. But even my straight guy friends, they love the fragrance and they said to me they would wear it! It's fruity with a woodsy undertone. It's one of those nice, warm smells. It's one of those very mellow smells."

The bottle for her first scent features a golden bust of the singer, complete with her trademark cotton candy-coloured wig.

The Super Bass singer was very specific when it came to the design of the bottle.

"No, I told them! They said, 'What do you want your bottle to look like?' and I said, 'I would love for it to have a pink wig.' I wanted it to look like a mannequin with a pink wig; they did an amazing job!"

Nicki launched the Pink Friday perfume in Sydney, Australia, earlier this week.

Staying true to her famous quirky style, the singer wowed fans in a colourful layered dress and huge peroxide blonde wig.

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