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Nicki Minaj: Queen is stylish

Nicki Minaj says Britain's Queen Elizabeth's petite frame reminds her of a "little, tiny ladybug".

The rapper is famed for her outlandish garb and regularly turns heads by stepping out in a range of colourful designs.

Nicki admires the chic style of Queen Elizabeth and would love the opportunity to raid her wardrobe.

"The queen kind of seems like a fairytale character to me," she told British newspaper The Sun.

"I bet her closet is crazy, I'd love to go through it. I bet the dresses would fit me too - she's like a little, tiny ladybug."

Nicki's fashion choices are a big part of her personality, however, it wasn't always that way. The 29-year-old star opts to wear candy pink a lot of the time because of how happy it makes her feel.

"When I was younger I didn't have much financially, like we couldn't afford a lot of stuff and I remember seeing little girls' rooms on TV and they'd all be pink," she recalled.

"I didn't have my own room, I shared with my brother, so I would have this daydream and imagine that one day I could have my own room and it would all be pink, like Cinderella's.

"So I guess pink takes me back to that time and it just feels euphoric when I wear it. I love it."


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