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Nicki Minaj shares lipstick tips

Nicki Minaj says lipstick can help a face "come to life".

The eccentric musician is currently promoting her new MAC lipgloss for the cosmetics giant's Viva Glam campaign and was outraged when she realised a male interviewer didn't know any beauty basics.

The female rap sensation proceeded to pounce on the journalist to give a real-life master class on how to create the perfect pout.

"You've never put on lipstick? [Turns to entourage] Do we have a brand new lipstick? [Grabs lipstick from assistant] Now, I'm going to apply it," Nicki enthused during the interview with British newspaper The Guardian. "Look, you start right on the outer ridges. Oh my God look at how your face is coming to life already! Amazing. I love it. Oh this colour is so pretty.

"Oh God. Doesn't he look nice? I swear! I'm not kidding! It looks pretty. I know that's not what you wanted to hear."

Nicki also named her favourite shades of pink, a shade she often wears. The star's debut record is called Pink Friday and she's also sported blush-toned hair in the past.

"Well, flamingo pink. Hot pink. Baby pink! HOT PINK! And fuchsia," she excitedly listed her favourite tones.

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