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Nicky Hilton: No prints if you’re fat!

Nicky Hilton has advised people to “hide their bad body parts” with baggy clothing.

The 31-year-old heiress has had a number of her own clothing lines and this year released a fashion book entitled 365 Style. And among her tips, Nicky advises readers on how to dress in the most flattering style for your body type.

“If anyone’s fat, avoid prints,” she said at her book signing, as Page Six has reported. “Try oversize boy stuff. Nothing constricting. Hide the bad body part. Do navy, dark colours. Got great legs, accentuate with short dresses. Super-skinny? Layer.”

Her book is the result of many years of collating her favourite ideas about style and fashion. She admitted it took her a long time and many full “notebooks” to finally put it together.

“I filled 20 notebooks, been in the industry 15 years, modeled, created handbags, jewellery, worked with designers and stylists. This took two years to write, 10 to learn, and I’ve collected ideas and anecdotes forever,” said Paris Hilton’s sister.

Nicky even explained that her cousins get are lucky enough to get all the clothes she doesn’t want anymore, except those with sentimental value. And she also had some useful ideas for how to make the most of your old items.

“Save your hemline. Fold it under. Someday you may want your expensive dress longer. And if you’re busy on top, be simple at the bottom,” said Nicky.

“This society all tries to dress like a young superstar. The red carpet does no sleeves, no ball gowns. Nothing original. Everything should look effortless, not like trying so hard. And better to be underdressed than overdressed. Also appropriate. A prom is not casual. A beach party is not black-tie.”

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