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Nicky Hilton sifts through style memories

Nicky Hilton says her book 365 Style will help girls organise their closets.

The hotel heiress is behind new tome 365 Style, a comprehensive guide to help girls with what to wear. For research purposes the 30-year-old had to browse through her old looks, which was a great experience.

"It was a lot of fun to write it! It was reliving all those fun fashion fantasies and going through all my old photos - it was very nostalgic," she revealed to Popsugar.

"[I'm] sharing all this knowledge and things I've learnt along the way.

"There's a lot of interesting advice: managing your closet, knowing when to spend, when to save..."

As part of a video interview for the website, Nicky was asked to comment on recent trends. One of these is a Fendi keyring made out of fur and resembling the brand's creative director, Karl Lagerfeld.

There is a 600-strong waiting list for the accessory, which rings in at around $1,500.

"I'm anti fur!" Nicky exclaimed, adding it's much too expensive.

She also offered her opinion on Kristen Stewart's new hairstyle. The Twilight star recently debuted a short cut for her dyed-orange locks.

"Not into the cut, the colour, the expression..." Nicky expressed.

Recently, stars have been slipping into a variety of pink outfits on the red carpet. The colour is more associated with Nicky's sister Paris, 33, but the younger sibling is also a fan of the look.

"I love neon, it's like leopard print - it never goes out of style," she said, before quickly adding: "Pink is my sister's; it's hers."

Paris often shares clothes with her sibling, with Nicky revealing she's in awe of her costume jewellery collection.

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