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Nicky Hilton's unique dressing method

Nicky Hilton has explained what her 365 method for dressing involves.

The blonde heiress is set to launch her new book 365 Style later this year, giving advice on how women should approach choosing their outfits. On the cover Nicky is seen standing in a camel-coloured coat holding a leopard print bag, smiling at the camera with a white dress on underneath and ivory ankle boots.

Speaking about what the 365 idea involves, the 30-year-old star insists it will be a life changer for females.

"The 365 method I found works for any woman with any budget. So what it is is you take the three most common occasions that you dress for, so let's say for a college girl it would be school, after school and weekends going out," she explained to Celebuzz. "And then you do... the six stands for clothing staples, and the five is for the accessories. If you mix and match and interchange for each season I guarantee you will find getting dressed a lot easier."

She and her sister Paris have been prominent figures in the world of fashion over the years. It turns out this guide to dressing has been in the pipeline for a while, as Nicky shared how it came about.

"It started when the whole social media boom happened with Facebook and Twitter and MySpace and all that, people started writing me asking me what to wear," she recalled. "Of all ages, I would have young girls writing in 'I'm going on a date and am wearing a red dress, should I wear silver shoes or gold shoes?'"

Nicky recently spoke about what her views are on the current trends in fashion. Being anti-fur, the star admitted she was against a Fendi keyring made out of fur and resembling the brand's creative director, Karl Lagerfeld.

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