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Nicole Farhi: Sequins need to suit

Nicole Farhi has given her top tips for party dressing - including avoiding sequins unless they really suit you.

The fashion designer is known for her shock of red hair and dedication to chic dressing. She is usually found in a simple shirt and a well-cut pair of trousers, and that doesn't change just because she's been invited out for the evening.

Nicole explained many women make the mistake of going overboard during the festive season.

"I settled on this uniform decades ago and it never lets me down. It works at every age. When I went to the Golden Globes with my husband David [Hare], I just added a tux," she explained. "I tried sequins once - we did a gorgeous black plastic sequin in the collection recently, just the kind of thing I thought I'd wear, if I ever wore sequins, but I looked ridiculous. You have to wear what feels right. I'm not the queen-of-the-party type and I hate feeling as though I'm wearing a disguise."

Nicole doesn't wear exactly the same piece during the day and in the evening though. She'll often change her shirt, although it's usually one of a number of white versions her studio made for her specially.

She does make a "small concession" when it comes to her shoes. The designer usually straps on a pair of sparkly high-heels, which she feels ramps up her look for night-time.

"The older I get the bigger my jewellery. I love antiques and the contrast of diamonds against white cotton. I also buy stones from India. I had some diamond buttons made that attach over the buttons of my shirts," she added to British newspaper The Telegraph.

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