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Nicole Kidman: I'm not stylish

Nicole Kidman is not as "fashionable" in her private life as she is on screen.

The actress stars as legendary style icon Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, in the upcoming biopic about her life.

The Australian beauty refused to put herself in the same category as the '50s fashion icon who she depicts in Grace of Monaco.

"Oh, no I'm not! [a fashion icon]" Nicole protested to Dujour magazine. "I love fashion, but I don't think I'm fashionable - I mean, not in my private life. At home I dress for comfort. After all, I am the mother of two small children."

The star continued to explain her relationship with fashion and clothes. The 45-year-old got to know top fashion designers including Lee 'Alexander' McQueen and John Galliano when she was in her twenties.

"[I went to their showrooms to support their work] that's when I fell in love with couture," Nicole remembered.

The star views playing the legendary Hollywood star Princess Grace Kelly as a once-in-a-lifetime kind of part.

"I have always been a very big dreamer," Nicole continued.

The successful Academy-Award winner can pull-off loud-mouthed characters just as well as she does royal ones. In Lee Daniels' shocking movie Paperboy, her character is definitely more flamboyant than Grace.

"[I enjoyed working with Lee Daniels on Paperboy] he helped me choose my tacky wardrobe. I did my own make-up," Nicole said. "It's moment to moment with him. High energy all the way. The picture was low-budget, so we shot everything very fast. No rehearsals. I am not interested in playing lovable characters. What I am interested in is playing women who are unconventional. Charlotte is complicated and mysterious and, finally, very tragic."

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