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Nicole Kidman's complimentary film costumes

Nicole Kidman's costume designer for Grace of Monaco, Gigi Lepage, has spoken about creating the movie's looks.

The 46-year-old portrays late Hollywood actress turned princess Grace Kelly in the upcoming movie, which captures aspects such as the crisis of her marriage and identity.

Gigi Lepage was the film's lead costume designer and was able to contribute both vintage and custom-made pieces for the actress to wear. In order to make Nicole look her best, Gigi catered the shades to complement her features.

“I worked with a specific colour palette that first and foremost enhanced her blonde hair, blue eyes and her delicate porcelain skin. I definitely kept in mind colours that were in vogue during this period, especially pale yellow, which was a favourite of Grace of Monaco,” Gigi told WWD.

Items seen in the movie include Hermès' Kelly bag, named after Grace herself, and a Chanel gown from the brand's Fall 12 haute couture line.

Gigi felt comfortable experimenting when designing the ensembles for Nicole and is grateful that director Olivier Dahan trusted her to make the big decisions.

“Olivier Dahan gives me complete freedom when I’m working with him. When I ask him questions, he replies, ‘Read the script,’ which means that maybe the answer is hiding between the lines like a magic formula. This is one of the reasons it’s a real pleasure working with him,” she smiled.

Nicole recently spoke about the pressure she felt to put on an accurate portrayal of the late royal. She also noted the time it took to look "ladylike" for the part.

"Usually I’m in and out of hair and make-up in 20 minutes. On this, it took over an hour, because of the elaborate hair-styling and pieces that had to be rolled and added," she told Mail Online.

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