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Nicole Richie admires female designers

Nicole Richie is "all about female empowerment" within the fashion industry.

The American star has taken the style world by storm after launching her jewellery and fashion lines. She loves working in the industry because there are so many strong female designers to look up to.

"It's amazing that there are so many female designers at the top of the industry right now," she told the May edition of UK magazine InStyle. "I am all about female empowerment and I just love that women are in a place now where we're working, creating and doing everything we love."

Nicole can currently be seen on TV show Fashion Star, where she acts as a judge and mentor for upcoming designers.

One of the best things about appearing alongside Jessica Simpson and John Varvatos on the programme is how much fun they all had together.

"Well, we shot the show last summer so we could have time to get the clothes made. But we had a blast. What's the point of doing anything if you're not going to have fun?" Nicole recently said.

"My dad used to tell me that all the time."


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