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Nicole Richie: Don't be a slave to trends

Nicole Richie insists that as long as her customers are comfortable, she's happy.

The 33-year-old star has her jewellery line House of Harlow 1960, which now boasts clothes, handbags and accessories too. Nicole is admired for her unique style and uses the same approach towards shoppers as she does when picking ensembles herself.

"I encourage customers to not focus on trends but to just wear whatever they feel like wearing because I think that's when a woman looks most attractive - when she's the most comfortable," she explained to "There have been a lot of trends I've loved to look at but that just don't look good on me. Instead of focusing on them, I just focus on what I like."

Nicole's own taste in clothing has evolved over the years, from wearing skimpy miniskirts and tops during her time on reality show The Simple Life alongside Paris Hilton to floaty, boho-chic pieces more recently. That isn't to say she doesn't enjoy experimenting though, and the fashionista always aims to look unique.

"Personal style is about finding something that's different. I don't consider myself all one way; it's not like I only shop for bohemian clothes," she added. "I like what I like, and I like to mix it in with my existing wardrobe. When I design, I expect that people are going to wear it with their existing stuff. I don't expect them to wear House of Harlow from head to toe."

She has some favourite pieces of jewellery from outside her own range, and it's a particular gift from her husband Joel Madden that Nicole holds close.

"Well, my husband had these [rings] made for me. This pink band is for Harlow [daughter] and the black diamond band is for Sparrow [son]," she smiled.

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