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Nicole Richie gives date outfit tips

Nicole Richie has shared her expert style advise for tacking the "common problem" of what to wear on a first date.

The reality TV star-turned-stylist is the star of a new web series for AOL where she shares her expert dressing tips.

In the latest post from the Candidly Nicole series, the outspoken fashionista gives her perspective on the ideal style for a first date scenario by roping in her friends Ben Lyons and Erin Foster to assist her.

"Do you like hats?" Nicole asks Ben about what men like women to wear. "Today we are going to a clothing store with my friends Erin and Ben. Erin has a date this weekend and I think it's a common problem with girls not to know what to wear on a date. Today we are going to get to the bottom of that and really figure out what sort of look is appropriate for Erin and for a first date."

As an example of what not to wear to wow a man, Nicole puts Erin in a pair of black Harem pants. As she emerges from the dressing room Ben is shocked by the look, which Nicole explains is suitable for a girly meet-up rather than date.

"She looks cute, she is wearing Harem pants. They have a dropped crotch and are tighter round the bottom half of the leg. It's not a guy's outfit," Nicole explains. "There is a difference between what girls think is cute and what guys do. I think you need to put on a heel for a date. Harem pants are definitely a girls outfit. [To Ben] you like girls to look like they are prostitutes, don't you?"

Nicole goes on to dress Erin in more appropriate date attire. She later advises her friend that being appropriately dressed when looking for love is crucial at all times.

"We've found a look for a date and then a wifey look. We should find a look for festivals as it is festival season," Nicole joked. "Erin you are single you are going to go out there and meet someone. You never know where it will happen and it won't happen if you're not wearing the right outfit!"

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