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Nicole Richie: Haircuts needs commitment

Nicole Richie shares her advice on how to have hot hair when you have a small child.

The style icon and mother-of-two shared her first-hand experience on how to get hot mom hair in the latest episode of her styling advice video series #CandidlyNicole.

Nicole says mothers with young children should think twice before going for the chop, as short styles can't be pulled back off the face in stressful situations.

"You shouldn't cut it short. That's not the move for you, because you'll want it off your face some days... What are you going to do when you're carrying your one year old and you just want to pull back your hair? It's a big commitment to cut your hair short when you have a child. What are you going to do wear beanies?" Nicole joked to a fellow mom.

"It's committing. Like marriage. Listen it's like a ceremony. Give her a lob. A long bob."

Nicole continued to share her hair disasters, and revealed some of the biggest mistakes girls make after break-ups. She says straightening locks is the worst thing you can do, but admitted trimming split ends yourself is acceptable in her book.

"I cut it myself with orange scissors. I've done it by twisting strands to get a layered look and it works. It's fine. You look fine," she joked.

"I've been straightening my hair since I was 13 and it's ruined. Don't do it. It will ruin your life and you will die alone. The worst mistake girls make is breaking up and getting a haircut. You need to have hair you can whip around every night [when newly single], you want it to be hair that looks like you can ride around on a motorcycle all night. No straighteners, do not brush it. Braid it with product in then go to bed. When you wake up take the braid out and it'll look lovely and even."

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