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Nicole Richie: I have fashion intuition

Nicole Richie loves how people used fashion as a form of self-expression more in the 60s and 70s.

The 33-year-old star has become a style icon over the years thanks to her fashion label House of Harlow 1960, which she launched in 2008 as a jewellery line and eventually expanded to include garments and accessories.

The pieces reflect her own boho-chic aesthetic and there's nothing Nicole enjoys more than browsing a vintage store to see what jumps out at her.

“You could mix whatever you wanted like different textiles and fabrics [in the past] – it was so fun. I just like to walk around and see, and clothes are able to speak to you. I like browsing and feeling what I’m pulled towards,” she smiled to, adding that people should never cross particular items off their list. "Over time your eye changes and your perspective changes so I could say I’m completely closed off to something one year and be totally down for it the next year, depending on where I am in life.”

Another tip she says is important when it comes to buying retro pieces is getting a tailor to adjust them. Standing at a petite 5ft 1in, Nicole relies on this method heavily in order to pull of vintage clothes with grace and confidence.

She particularly loves old jewellery such as clip-on earrings.

“I wear them over my piercings so they stay, because I’m too paranoid that they’ll fall off!” she laughed.

Nicole has always been a fan of the past when it comes to fashion and it's this love which ignited her passion for designing.

“I started House of Harlow 1960 because I’m obsessed with the late 60s and early 70s. I gravitated towards the music and once I started diving into the classic rock music of that time I looked at the fashion, and people were using fashion as a form of self-expression," she added. "They were really just dressing exactly how they felt and I think the music really forced you to get in touch with exactly who you are.”

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