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Nicole Richie: I'll cringe at my fashion

Nicole Richie knows she’ll look back and be embarrassed by her clothes, but that doesn’t stop her from wearing what she likes in the present moment.

The violet-haired singer is thought of as one of the most stylish women in showbiz and often tops lists of best dressed women.

Despite being confident with her fashion choices Nicole is well aware that she may one day look back at her clothes and feel red faced over her decisions, but laughs that style is all about the moment.

“There’s no way you’re not going to look at yourself ten years ago at any point and say, ‘Everything I did was just great and there’s nothing embarrassing.' You’re going to get embarrassed, so it’s really about experimenting and having fun and knowing that embarrassment is coming no matter what,” she advised to People magazine.

On the subject of her hair, Nicole reveals it was six-year-old daughter Harlow, who she has with husband Joel Madden, who convinced her to experiment with colour.

“[Joel] has been colouring his hair for as long as she can remember so that is something that is normal to her. She asked me, ‘Why don’t you ever dye your hair?’ - and so we did it,” Nicole recalled.

Harlow even gets in on the dyeing action herself, and is currently rocking a blue hue on her own tresses.

“She just dyed hers blue yesterday. It will only last a week, but even she’s having fun with it,” Nicole laughed.

Aside from mommy and hairdressing duties, 32-year-old Nicole also runs her successful fashion line House of Harlow 1960.

Speaking earlier this week at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, Nicole revealed how she strikes the balance career and family life with Joel, Harlow and son Sparrow, four.

“Family definitely plays a role in how much I take on,” she admitted. “This is exciting, but you have to have fun while you do it as well. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin. Why be in this business if you’re not going to really enjoy it? I take on what I can and that’s just what it is.”

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