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Nicole Richie oils up

Nicole Richie says moisture is an essential part of her beauty routine.

The reality TV star-turned-stylist is known for her funny and outspoken attitude, which she showed off in a ten-question interview with WhoWhatWear.

In the quick fire chat, Nicole shared the style and beauty advice she regards as most important.

"My mom never let me leave the house without lotion and oil," she revealed. "Stay hydrated, too!"

The trendsetter has built an empire surrounding her incredible fashion sense. Her lines include the popular Winter Kate clothing range and House of Harlow accessories.

The style icon is also the star of Candidly Nicole, a web series for AOL where she shares her expert dressing tips.

Nicole is also known for her slender physique, which she revealed how she keeps in check.

She also let fans in on the one item a girl should wear on first date occasions.

"A black mini dress," she firmly answered. "[I'd eat] Sushi [every day]... and if someone wants to sneak a pizza in, I’d be fine with that too."

In an earlier episode of Candidly Nicole, the fashionista addressed the first date dressing conundrum in detail. Roping in her friends Erin and Ben, Nicole showed what outfit is a no-no by putting her pal in a pair of baggy black harem pants.

"I think it's a common problem with girls not to know what to wear on a date. Today we are going to get to the bottom of that and really figure out what sort of look is appropriate for Erin and for a first date," Nicole explained.

"She looks cute, she is wearing Harem pants. They have a dropped crotch and are tighter round the bottom half of the leg. It's not a guy's outfit. There is a difference between what girls think is cute and what guys do. I think you need to put on a heel for a date. Harem pants are definitely a girl's outfit. [To Ben]: You like girls to look like they are prostitutes, don't you?"

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