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Nicole Richie unfazed by rival designers

Nicole Richie doesn't view the number of celebrity-endorsed style ranges as "competition".

The reality TV star-turned-designer launched her House of Harlow 1960 footwear line and Winter Kate apparel line two years ago.

Nicole is in a market saturated by celebrity designers, but the star isn't intimidated by the number of fashion lines on offer.

"I don't think of it as a competition. I just focus on [my own business], and that's the healthiest way to go about things," she explained to WWD.

"[My name is not on the label because] it is not about me. I want the product to speak for itself and have a customer go after it or stay away from it based on the product, not the name. That's very important to me."

Nicole has revealed her main inspirations behind her shoe line. The 30-year-old star is married to Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden, and says her husband has influenced the designing process.

"For me, each collection starts with music. I have been travelling a lot this year. I went on tour with my husband, and I really wanted to focus on rock 'n' roll. [For fall], I did that mostly through the colour palette and beading," she explained.

"There are also some very subtle skulls. It was important for me to keep the collection delicate-looking, but with a little bit of an edge. [It has] kind of an understated goth [feel]."

Nicole is currently serving as a mentor on TV programme Fashion Star. The beauty has revealed her top tips for budding designers.

"There [will be] a lot of bumps in the road, but it's important to not lose sight of who you are as a designer and never forget who your customer is," she advised. "I try to pay as much attention as I can to customer feedback and really listen to what they want."


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