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Nicole Richie's ghost hair

Nicole Richie likes to change her hair last minute.

The 33-year-old star used to be a blonde but has switched things up over the years, rocking everything from dark brown waves and lavender locks to a cropped pink 'do.

She even went bright white to match her custom-made 2013 Met Gala gown, which had humorous results.

"This was for the Met Ball; I designed this dress with Topshop. I love a head-to-toe look, which is why, last minute, we decided to dye my hair white," she shared with Refinery29. "It was a spray and it was stuck in my hair for five days. I had a 7am commercial flight home the next morning, so you can imagine what they probably thought of me on that plane. I just closed my eyes and pretended that no one could see me!"

More recently, Nicole wore a sequined Tom Ford dress at the designer's party in Los Angeles. She cites the piece as one of her favourite outfits ever and once again she made a last-minute decision with her hair, dyeing it pink on the day of the event.

"My attitude with hair is: it's just colour, it's not permanent; it'll come out. The pink is coming out of my hair right now and it's so not a big deal. You put it in, you take it out," she said.

During her interview she also shared advice passed on by her dad, singing sensation Lionel. He recommended people should always wear their best outfits when travelling on a plane, so they look fabulous when stepping off the jet.

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