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Nicole Scherzinger: 'Exercise starts my day'

Nicole Scherzinger can't keep calorific snacks in her house, as she knows she'll reach for them when hungry.

Singer Nicole Scherzinger exercises first thing in the morning to avoid procrastinating.

The 37-year-old star is the envy of women around the globe thanks to her slender, toned physique. Maintaining it isn't easy though, and Nicole has to be disciplined when it comes to working up a sweat.

"Yes (I exercise in the morning), otherwise I'd procrastinate so much I wouldn't get to the gym," she laughed to Hello! Fashion Monthly. "I love to do a hot yoga class with my girls as it works my whole body and I enjoy the intensity. We motivate each other, too!

"Before working out I have a cup of tea, coffee or water with eggs or fruit. I always have a playlist at the ready, otherwise I can't work out, especially if I'm going for a run."

Some of the tracks found on Nicole's playlist include Coming Home by Sigma and Runnin' by Naughty Boy and Beyonce.

Despite rocking a hot bod herself, the former Pussycat Doll is in awe of another A-lister's appearance.

"J-Lo's (figure) is dreamy!" Nicole swooned. "She just has it all - her body is amazing, fit and strong. She works hard for it, and only gets better with age."

A healthy diet plays a big part in how Nicole keeps herself in shape too and she favours fresh foods over those containing preservatives. You'll find nothing naughty in her cupboards either, as she's finds it hard to resist temptation.

"I try not to fill my house with bad snacks as I know I'll always go for those if I'm hungry," she admitted. "I love a good Italian dish like pasta with truffles or Mexican loaded with sauce and cheese. If I'm having a night in, I'd have Chinese or wine and snacks."

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