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Nicole Scherzinger: I'm like a fine wine

Nicole Scherzinger will "never say never" to having plastic surgery.

The 35-year-old star is envied by women around the world for her striking features and petite figure. Although she is ageing in the limelight, Nicole is happy for her looks to change, but she would be open to anti-ageing treatments if the time calls for them.

"I do embrace getting older and, right now, I feel like a fine wine maturing," she laughed to British magazine Closer. "And I'm grateful for my genetics because I feel I have a good skin tone and look good for my age.

"That said; you never know what the future holds, surgery wise. Never say never. But for now, I may be getting older, but, honey, I look good under bright lights!"

To keep in such fabulous shape, Nicole dedicates a lot of time to exercise. While many A-listers rely on bizarre eating habits to keep trim, the American star doesn't think they are useful and instead lets herself have whatever she wants, steering clear of depriving herself.

"I do work out, but it's more for the peace of mind it gives me. I like SoulCycle [a spiritual-based spinning class] and yoga best. I feel they give me more of a positive mindset and help me feel more creative," she explained. "I also try to drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep but, diet wise, I believe everything in moderation. As you get older, you realise strict diets just don't work. Learning a balance with your diet is the key. My weight fluctuates by a few pounds. I'm a woman and it's normal."

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