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Nicole Scherzinger: I’m picky

Nicole Scherzinger is determined to look her best for events.

The 35-year-old star never fails to impress with her stunning façade when on the red carpet of A-list events.

During her preparation process Nicole is determined to wear the perfect ensemble and pays extra attention to her appearance.

“When I go to events I work really closely with my styling team – I’m really picky with everything from the hair, to the make-up to the eyebrows, the outfits, the shoes,” she confessed to the British edition of OK! Magazine.

“But for everyday life I just go with how I’m feeling, what I’m getting dressed for and what’s going to make me feel the most confident. I just kind of throw it together – it has to have an element of fashion yet still look effortless.”

Although she has her own taste Nicole tries to keep up with the latest fashion trends as well. A recent new shade to be added to her closet helps bring out her favourite pieces.

“I’m really into monochrome – I love black and white but I’ve incorporated a colour into my wardrobe that’s new for me – cobalt blue,” she shared. “I think everyone’s wearing it. I’m into chromatics and metallic but I like to wear them with a flash of colour.”

To pull off such fabulous pieces Nicole makes sure to keep in shape. Her iconic leather skinny trousers highlight her enviable figure and she works hard to look good in them.

“[I keep in shape] with balance and moderation. I try to keep a balance in my life so finding balance in sleep, what I’m eating and staying very, very active. It’s important to do stuff that you love,” she advised.

“The key thing I told my girlfriends at the beginning of the year was not to be too hard on yourself. We have these high expectations and we don’t want to fall off the wagon because the second we do we stay off the wagon.”

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