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Nicole Scherzinger's hair horror

Nicole Scherzinger finds it hard to tame her locks into a sleek style.

The 36-year-old singer is famed for her luscious locks, which she often wears down and wavy. When it comes to a sleek red carpet 'do, she has to call in the professionals.

"I actually can't stand doing my hair - I'm a bit of a tomboy and would just look like a beach chick all the time if I could, so if I do go for the more glamorous look, I need someone who can get a hold of this hair and do something with it," she laughed to

And the beachy look is just what she's gone for in the video that accompanies new single Your Love, which sees Nicole writhing around in the sand.

Her haircare routine is simple and she thanks her genes for blessing her with such a shiny mane.

"To be honest, I don't put too much into it - I love beachy hair, so I don't style it too much. I don't wash it every day either - it needs to build up natural oils and have that resistance against heat and weather," she advised.

"Coconut oil is a good treatment for hair that needs a little lift. I owe a lot to my ancestors, I guess. "

The stunning star recently opened up about her battle with an eating disorder, which she has now managed to overcome. She's fit and healthy these days and has a good workout regime in place to keep her on the right track.

"When I run, I like to go alone. But now that I'm doing more classes, I like to take my girlfriends with me because we motivate each other," she revealed.

"They come hiking with me back home, too. But over here, I tend to work out alone."

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