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Nikki Reed: Authenticity affects physical health

Nikki Reed believes being in tune mentally affects the way one feels physically.

(Cover) - EN Star Style - Nikki Reed thinks in order for a person to be physically healthy the mind must be in balance too.

The 27-year-old Twilight actress is currently writing a recurring beauty and nutrition blog for called Take Five.

And in her most recent article for the outlet, Nikki presented the notion that only focusing on diet and exercise does not translate into maintaining a healthy body.

“Maybe it's time to spend as much time working on your mind, your authenticity, and your soul as you do your body or your diet,” she wrote. “So while we talk about health, food, and fitness, let's also talk about what we feed our souls.”

Nikki is convinced being inundated with toxic thoughts or negative people generates illness.

She believes it is in everyone’s best interest to view certain environmental and social elements from a more nutritional perspective.

“Let's think about who we surround ourselves with as part of our daily pack of vitamins, and how we cherish the quiet moments like we would a beautiful, healthy plate of vegetables,” Nikki said. “Let's find the moments in between the chaos, whether that chaos comes in the form of hallways in high schools, people at airports, or too many things on the extracurricular activities list, to ask ourselves if our jobs, our friends, our diets, and our attitudes make us feel good, bad, or unsure. Let's start there.”

A recent picnic with her husband Ian Somerhalder and her mother Cheryl inspired this breakthrough for Nikki.

The star credits her mum with creating this frame of thought for her.

“She asked me, as she does from time to time, what kind of exercise I had been doing lately,” Nikki recalled. “‘Nothing new,’ I told her. ‘Just the usual, whatever I can fit in.’ ‘What about for your soul?’ she asked. Now I knew what she was trying to ask me. Mum, for many years, has been the voice that gently whispers reminders to meditate, do yoga, enroll in school, and go for walks—anything that prioritises exercising the mind and the soul in the same way I do my fitness routine.”

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