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Nikki Reed creates dialogue with animal-friendly handbag range

Nikki Reed is thrilled her Freedom of Animals collection is made in the United States.

Twilight actress Nikki Reed wants to decrease the amount of eco-destruction fashionistas cause with her latest collection of handbags.

The 27-year-old's new accessories line is produced in conjunction with Freedom of Animals and, in a chat with Rolling Stone magazine, Nikki revealed why her brand of luxury handbags is so important.

"Everything we make leaves some sort of footprint and is destructive in some way, so it's about lessening that," she explained. "When are people going to stop wanting things? Never. So why not give people options to at least decrease the amount of destruction? We can all pick each other apart for the things we do wrong, but we're not finding solutions by just being critical."

Nikki has always been a passionate animal rights activist and her luxury handbags offer her another way to draw attention to the issue.

"Instead of letting this (criticism) scare me away from pursuing this (the collection) which is my dream, I'm going to use this as an opportunity to create a dialogue," she added.

Nikki has worked closely with stylist Morgan Bogle on the range, which is produced in the United States.

"One of the things that we talked about and are so excited about is the fact that everything is made in the U.S.," she continued.

Nikki, who is married to top celebrity animal rights activist Ian Somerhalder, knows it will take time to make big changes regarding the treatment of creatures and how the industry produces clothing and accessories, but she is determined to keep pushing ahead.

"Not everyone can do everything, but everyone can do something," she mused. "Freedom of Animals is my something."

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