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Nikki Reed explains ‘eclectic’ look

Nikki Reed enjoys wearing things that have a "story or a meaning".

The fashionable Twilight star has her own jewellery label Mattlin Era and has now teamed up with 7 For All Mankind on a line of accessories.

She is inspired by her own preferences when designing and has a clear idea of the direction she likes to take.

"My style is very eclectic - I like to piece it all together, and wear things that have a story or a meaning. I haven't reached a point yet where I feel confident that I can design something that's appealing to the mass population," she explained to Teen Vogue.

"I just design things that I like, and I hope people connect with it, and feel beautiful in it, too. I'm so new and have just begun this journey, so I design what I like and then hopefully people gravitate toward it. I really sat down and thought about what pieces I was missing in my own jewellery collection, and went from there."

Nikki's pieces include earrings with a honeycomb pattern, bronze, gold and silver bangles and an edgy necklace with spiked pendants.

The 24-year-old hoped girls will see the collection and immediately feel drawn to her designs.

"It's for every girl! I like to mix things up, and all of these pieces can be worn together or separately. Personally, I like to wear a lot of my jewellery at the same time, along with expensive pieces from well-known labels," she revealed

"This collection can be layered with what people already own. I hope that when girls see this collection they'll think, 'Oh, that will go really well with my favourite necklace that I wear every day!'"

Nikki launched the collection earlier this week looking chic in monochrome attire, all by 7 For All Mankind.

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