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Nikki Reed's pretty and practical bags

Twilight star Nikki Reed has given the lowdown on her handbag line with Freedom of Animals.

Actress Nikki Reed wanted her Freedom of Animals handbags to be both practical and fashion-forward.

The Twilight star has merged her passion for animal rights and style for an ethical collection of bags. Stylist Morgan Bogle helped Nikki bring her ideas to life and both shared the desire to create something that looks good and is useful.

"I sat down with Morgan and the first thing I said was, 'I just want to create pieces that people will love and they will want to wear every single day,'" Nikki told "So it's not about, 'Let's find something that's different.' My goal wasn't about anything other than creating really practical pieces.

"The white suede was one piece that Morgan and I went to and we were like, 'Yeah, let's go with this,' because it's very fashion-forward and it feels very high-end. So that's the only decision that we made that felt slightly less practical, I think."

Morgan agrees with her friend's description of the range, though insists the white suede is only slightly impractical and "so beautiful". One design on offer is a circle bag, which the designer says she wears every day to all sorts of places. For Nikki, there are two items in the line which stand out.

"The clutch and fanny pack combo is something that I'm so fond of because I actually wear it," she smiled. "I actually wear fanny packs all the time so to have something that actually transforms like that is the most convenient thing ever, because that white clutch goes from being a belt bag to a red carpet clutch in 30 seconds.

"I saw a few friends looking at them and I asked them what they loved, and it's funny because we kind of created a line that doesn't have a favourite piece. Everyone picks something different; it's awesome."

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