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Nile Rodgers: My hair's ancient!

Nile Rodgers initially didn't expect to have his iconic hair style forever.

The 61-year-old disco rocker has twisted hair, which comes down to his chin and includes a thick fringe. He likes the look, although initially he didn't mean to maintain it for so long. Nile wonders if it's now become like trees, which show their age via rings in their trunks.

"Not any longer," he said, when British magazine Heat asked if his hair is high maintenance. "If you see old photos of me, I used to have a high top like Grace Jones. Then I started to twist my hair. I didn't realise that, one day, it wouldn't untwist! So now, after 20 years, they just grow like this. I cut them a lot.

"I just cut them when it gets too long. There are the ones like this... [Feels his hair.] You can feel it. They have been there, like, 80 million years! We could probably cut it and it will have rings or something."

Nile is famed for teaming up big name stars such as Madonna and Diana Ross. He worked with Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams on the smash hit Get Lucky, which meant he got up close and personal with Pharrell's iconic Vivienne Westwood hat. The giant headgear caused a lot of chat when the star first began wearing it, which Nile can't really understand.

"I have my own hats! It was really funny, because me and Pharrell were laughing about the big deal everybody made out of the hat. I guarantee you he wasn't even thinking about it, he was just wearing a hat and everyone is like... [Makes a noise of making a fuss.] It's just a hat!" he giggled.

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