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Nina Dobrev: Have fun with colour

Nina Dobrev has "fun" wearing bright contact lenses as an accessory.

The Vampire Diaries actress always looks stunning on the red carpet, pulling off both glamorous floor length gowns and cute mini-dresses. She opts to wear vivid tones when in the limelight, and includes her eyes in this process.

“Whether it’s a bright shoe or a clutch or a lipstick, I’ve had a lot of fun using colour contacts as an accessory. They won’t change your eye colour, they’ll just enhance your eye colour. So green on mine makes them look hazel, which is what I’m wearing right now," she explained to

Nina was joined in the interview by her stylist Ilaria Urbinati, who is the woman behind the 25-year-old star's on-trend outfits. The fashionista also enjoys going bold, especially on her clients. She and Nina have teamed up to work with eye company Alcon in representing their products.

“Colour is so happening right now and royal blue is the colour I saw the most of on the runways. For me as a stylist, I like to use colour all the time," Ilaria added. "[Nina] looks so good in it and I think that’s why we were excited to work with Alcon, too. The Air Optix colour contact lenses were just another way for us to collaborate.”

Ilaria continued to share her own tips on how to pull off different shade lenses. She turns to a classic method to determine which option to go for.

“You can either wear the same colour as your eyes or you can wear the opposite colour," she explained. "You can use the colour wheel, which is very old-fashioned, so if I’m wearing the blue contact I’ll wear a red lipstick or something, you know there’s all these different kinds of tricks you can do."

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