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Nina Dobrev needed ‘jeantervention’

Nina Dobrev has over 100 pairs of jeans and denim shorts, even though she doesn’t wear half of them.

The 26-year-old star of The Vampire Diaries has become a style icon since her debut on the show in 2009. The actress admits she loves shopping, but has been banned from purchasing anymore of one particular garment.

“Jeans. My friends, actually — I’ve had a jeantervention. They’ve had to sit me down and tell me not to buy any more jeans and jean shorts,” she laughed to People magazine.

When the outlet asked how many pairs she owned, the stunning brunette initially said she had no idea. But when they queried if it was over 100, Nina was quick to confirm that number is probably accurate.

“I don’t wear them by the way. I don’t wear half of them,” she confessed. “I’m very nostalgic about certain things, so if I have a pair of jeans I wore when I did my audition for Vampire Diaries, I’ll keep them until my children in 45,000 years are born and they want to wear them … so that’s what I mean. I don’t wear them anymore because they don’t fit me because I’m not as tiny as season one of Vampire Diaries, I mean but I still have them. All of them.”

While she’s a hoarder when it comes to denim, Nina insists she’s much more frugal with other items.

She waited until she was three series into The Vampire Diaries before making an expensive purchase for herself.

“When I went to Paris for the first time, I bought myself the smallest Chanel purse they made because even that one was so expensive,” she continued. “I came from an eastern European background, from Bulgaria, [and] my parents moved to Canada with absolutely nothing but the clothes on their back. I worked and learned what the value of a dollar is.

“So even though I make a good living, I still have that in my blood and so it’s hard for me to splurge and spend money frivolously like that.”

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