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Obsessive organiser Chloé Sevigny

Chloé Sevigny admits to being extremely particular when it comes to organising her clothes.

The model-and-actress has worked with labels including Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton and Chloé over the years. She also has her own line for Opening Ceremony and recently became the face of high street giant Uniqlo's silk and cashmere range.

Chloé confessed fashion takes over her life at home as well, especially when it comes to hanging her various garments in the closet.

"Everything in my wardrobe is hung alphabetically be designer, I'm a bit anal about it," she admitted to the latest edition of British magazine Glamour. "Then I have a rail for coats, a rail for high street and a rail for vintage designers - they have their own section. I know, it's pretty ridiculous."

While she may have clothes from different sources the blonde beauty didn't experiment with her look for a long time.

However at 38 she now feels more confident to go all out with her ensembles and doesn't pay attention to how others will receive her choice of outfits.

"I'm trying to incorporate more colour into my wardrobe, and move away from black. The Uniqlo collection has lots of beautiful blue and grey tones that I've got my eye on," she explained. "When I was younger, I was pretty wild and got pigeon-holed as an eccentric dresser. I ended up trying to tone it down, to seem more 'approachable' - I took fewer risks. Now I'm less sensitive to criticism. My motto is: screw what all the people say."

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