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Octavia Spencer delighted with Globes gown

Octavia Spencer is "thrilled" with her choice of dress designer for the Golden Globes this weekend.

The 41-year-old star is nominated for best supporting actress for her role in The Help at the prestigious awards ceremony on Sunday.

Octavia is excited for the event, not least because she has sorted out her red carpet attire.

"I know the designer I'm wearing, Tadashi Shoji," she told E! Online. "My mom always taught us to dance with the one that brung ya and he gave me a lot of clothes while we were on [The Help] publicity tour. I am honoured that he is designing something for me and I'm thrilled."

Octavia's The Help co-star Viola Davis was less forthcoming about her choice of garb for the evening. The star was secretive about her look, and when asked what she'd be wearing she quipped: "I'd have to kill you and I don't want to go to jail."

Michelle Williams was equally as guarded. The stunning star revealed that she's already picked out her outfit, but wouldn't divulge any other information.

"It spoils the fun. It would ruin the surprise!" she exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Jessica Alba detailed the kind of gown she looks for when preparing her red carpet look. The brunette beauty thinks about practicality as well.

"Something that fits and that I won't trip on is really the criteria," she said of her look. "It's usually a good thing."

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