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Octavia Spencer sues Sensa

Octavia Spencer claims she was blamed for a "failed advertising campaign".

Following her 2012 Oscar win, Octavia became the face of the diet brand.

Yesterday the 43-year-old actress filed a lawsuit at L.A. Superior Court, sighting "breach-of-contract and fraud".

In the lawsuit, Octavia says that Sensa are blaming her "for the failed advertising campaign" and are trying to get out of paying her the $700,000 she is apparently owed.

She lost 20lbs in five months and publically endorsed the brand, admitting in interviews that her new lifestyle left her feeling much better.

Sensa is a doctor formulated weight loss system that you sprinkle on your food to help eat less and feel full faster.

Although Octavia had signed a $1.25 million contract, Sensa allegedly weren't pleased with her contract conditions.

Documents obtained by The Hollywood Reporter show that Octavia had specific stipulations as the face of the brand.

She refused to do tabloid adverts, as well as no before and after photos.

Octavia was also firm when it came to Twitter and insisted on transparency with her followers, so would tag all sponsored tweets with the hashtag #spon, so they knew.

Last April Octavia spoke to The Huffington Post and praised the weight loss company.

"I can't tell you how thrilled I am that [Sensa is] a part of my life because weight loss is hard," she said.

"Twenty pounds is a lot of weight. And so getting out of your head and being consistent and using a product that definitely enhances your life is... I'm screaming it from the rooftops because I know how hard it is and it's just been amazing for me. Amazing."

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