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Olivia Munn talks proportions

Olivia Munn wishes she was tall and thin rather than curvy.

The actress plays the attractive but socially awkward Sloan Sabbith on HBO political drama Newsroom.

Olivia is known for her killer curves but secretly longs for more elongated limbs.

“I’m very evenly proportioned,” she told “I don’t have these really long legs or this really long torso that can look waiflike in a flowy dress.”

In The Newsroom Olivia dons smart tailoring as part of her New York City chic look. In real life she prefers a more relaxed style.

“I have so many denim shirts; I like them to be a little bit baggy. It’s just an easy thing to put on, and it doesn’t have to be super body-conscious,” she continued.

“My friends tell me that I only wear neutrals and that I need a pop of colour. I try to do that with a great pink Louboutin heel.”

Olivia lives in Los Angles with The Killing actor Joel Kinnaman. She’s recently had a wardrobe clear-out to make room for new things.

“I just started a closet purge,” she admitted.

Olivia shared her favourite items from her vast clothing collection. She named a Sachin + Babi dress as one of her favourite things, but had it strategically tailored into two pieces as a result of her womanly shape.

“Girls are wearing these bustier things now, but I just wanted to show a sliver,” she finished.

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