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Olivia Munn's handbag essentials

Olivia Munn carries a host of beauty products around in her handbag.

The 34-year-old actress always carries an arsenal of beauty products with her, which she revealed when she gave Us Weekly magazine a look inside her handbag. One thing the star was particularly excited about was an upmarket lip shade that she just can't do without.

"I freaking love Giorgio Armani's Rouge Ecstasy lip stain. I use just a touch outside my lip line and it makes my lips look really full and pretty," she told the publication.

There were also items from NARS in Olivia's stash, including a highlighters and a multi-stick.

The Newsroom actress had a sleeping mask stuffed in too, perhaps for when she has to catch some rest on a flight. It's not the only thing which will help her plane journeys go more smoothly.

"I keep packets of salt, like the ones from restaurants. I learned from a flight attendant that when you get motion sickness, you should mix half a cup of ginger ale with salt. You down it and your nausea goes away in a minute!" she explained.

Flip-flops, sunglasses and a hot water bottle also made an appearance, as did another item which Olivia is a little embarrassed about. She doesn't mind having bad eyesight, but wishes she was more modern when it comes to correcting her vision.

"I carry 1-Day Acuvue Moist contacts because I'm stuck in the '90s and haven't gotten Lasik! Seeing clearly without anything in your eye is so out," she laughed.

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